2010 Sierra Leone Study Tour

You may recall from last year (Feb 2009) when Alison Sutherland, Quadrennial Project Liaison, recounted the memories and experiences of those who recently attended the first project tour »

This morning, our SIA President, Cathy Standiford, is off to Sierra Leone for the next Study Tour. Here is an excerpt from her blog as she contemplates what to expect and how best to pack. We wish her safe travels and a memorable experience and look forward to her stories when she gets back in February (she’s not taking a laptop):

I know that the hotel accommodations will be nice, but spartan by some of our western standards. I’m bringing a hair dryer, but may not be able to use it if the power is out. I’m bringing my bathing suit because all of the hotels we will stay at have a pool, and if the water pressure in the shower or bath is low, the pool may be the best way to wash off some of the dust of the day. I’m bringing (of course) my camera, a small journal, and plenty of pens to write with.
Margaret Cook, the Assistant International Programme Director and one of the other participants on our tour, recently sent us a great video clip that will give you a taste. It was recently filmed by Alastair Humphreys, the son of a Soroptimist from Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland.  Alastair has been on a “round the world bike ride” to benefit Hope and Homes for Children, our partner in Sierra Leone.  This video explains what he saw–and what I am likely to see too. Watch it, then think of me, riding along those dusty roads!

Hope & Homes for Children in Sierra Leone from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

What is a Quadrenniel Project?
Every four years Soroptimist International launches a major international project in partnership with a charity, NGO or United Nations agency. Each project is designed to be self-sustaining by the end of SI’s four-year commitment. Soroptimist members around the world join forces to give active support to the chosen project and in doing so, have improved the lives of many thousands of women and children across the globe.

Each Federation takes it in turns to propose an international project: our current project was initiated by Soroptimist International of Great Britain & Ireland (2007-2011). Project SIerra: a Family and a Future, was launched at Convention in July 2007. The project supports women caring for children in extreme poverty and provides a caring, secure family home for children who are alone or at risk of abandonment. The project location is Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our project partner is Hope and Homes for Children.

You can find more information about our current Quadrenniel Project on the Soroptimist International (SI) website »

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