Ancaster Community Services Annual Food Drive Set a Record

The Ancaster Community Services Annual Food Drive was held on Saturday Feb 21 and a total of $5000 in cash and 79,000 pounds of food was raised!

Our Soroptimist sisters were there with their shirts on and hands ready to help. Thank you to SNAP for including a picture of us!

Each aisle was divided into basic categories: vegetables, soup, dry pasta, canned pasta, pasta sauce, macaroni & cheese (aka KD), beans in sauce, fruit, juice, milk, toiletries, baby food, cookies & crackers (and desserts), cakes & pudding (and baking supplies), condiments, meats & fish. Never had any of us seen such a well organized, all-hands event!

“It is always a very humbling experience to see how a community can come together and give so generously so that the most disadvantaged in our midst can have food on their tables”, said Pauline – a member of SI-DAF and the Ancaster Lions Club.

According to a recent article, over the past five years, the cost of a monthly Nutritious Food Basket for a family of four (based on Canada’s Food Guide) has increased by 14.2%. According to the Hamilton Public Health Services report entitled ““The Cost of Basic Nutritious Food”, the average limited-income family has to choose “between eating well and paying the rent to survive.”

For more information about how you can get involved or make a donation to the Ancaster Community Services, call 905-648- 6675. Items currently in high demand include:

  • pasta
  • canned salmon and tuna
  • stews
  • soups
  • and canned vegetables
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