Annual Cruzin’ Night

Monday August 25th was the 2nd Annual Cruzin’ Night ~ Car Show at Alexander Place long term care facility on Parkside Drive in Waterdown. Claire Collison, the Activation Co-Coordinator for Alexander Place, rounded up all the volunteers & BBQ facilities (& food) for the event.

I handled inviting all of the car owners for the show, we both scrounged for door prizes, Claire primarily for the residents & myself for the car folks. I designed the ‘dash plaques’ (2.25″ x 3.25″, printed on aluminum plates), which were given to all of the car owners as well as the residents (they could stick them on their wheelchair, walkers or in a memory book as they desired).

Coincidentally, I received a humorous set of lyrics that same day done by Julie Andrews, which she sang to the tune of ‘My Favourite Things’ (my_favourite_things). I printed copies & rounded up those who could sing to entertain the crowd by singing this a cappella!

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