FWRC Update: May 2010

Dear Sisters of Soroptimists

The following is a quick update on the Flamborough Women’s Centre activities/new programs. We want to update the Soroptimists every quarter on the success of our programs and the wonderful work done by our counsellors to support women in the Flamborough community. We very much appreciate your support and donation made as we opened our doors in Waterdown.

Highlights: New Programs
* Women’s Resource Books needed – if anyone has new, used, or gently used books to donate please call Amanda at the FWRC 289-895-8580. Any self journey, self help, new mom, inspirational, achievement type of books are appreciated.

* Since April 26th, Legal Advocacy and Duty Counsel are now available through the Waterdown FWRC in Waterdown on Friday’s. Our legal advocate provides court support by attending hearings with women, research/legal assistance with paperwork, guidance through the legal system – since April 26, three (3) Flamborough women have been assisted and accompanied to court.

* Waterdown Highschool Students Fashion Show in April raised $1,500 dollars donated to the FWRC for an Art Therapy program for domestic and sexual assault victims. We were fortunate that a trained art therapist who lives in Freelton contacted us and will donate part of her time to ensure this program can continue after the first 8 week session.

* Journey to Self weekly program, run at the Waterdown offices, is assisting 8 women as they recover from psychological abuse.

* Go Girl program for grade 8 girls is currently in it’s 3rd week. This is a pilot project run by FWRC counsellors at the Flamborough Centre School, requested by the Principal. 18 girls are registered for this in-school one hour session which will run for 8 weeks – more are expected to join. This highly successful program will be offered in 5 Waterdown schools starting in September to grade 6, 7 & 8 girls. Activities include knowing who you are, societies image of the perfect woman, negative imaging of women, who determines beauty media/movie influence – tearing down barriers to self expression. All hugely successful.

* May 12 Credit Counselling session offered free by a local Waterdown business. FWRC will offer one specific for teen girls age 14-18 in June or September.

* June 16th FWRC is holding a sexual support peer to peer training program for women of all ages including teens.

* FWRC is working closely with Waterdown police services, high & elementary schools, medical clinics and dentists. There are increasing requests for support and new programs. We are also receiving many women from north Burlington and Halton Women’s Shelter who have had to move out of Flamborough due to lack of affordable housing and local shelter.

* Private counselling sessions are held weekly on Wednesday at the FWRC. Currently assisting 20 women dealing with family crisis, stalking issues and self esteem/bullying with teens.

Yours in community, with kind regards,

Judi Partridge ~ Advisory Committee
Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre

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