Do you wish to volunteer in an atmosphere of support, friendship and fun, then joining SI-DAF may be right for you. Soroptimist membership provides a variety of benefits:

Fulfillment: Working on projects that improve the lives of others leads to personal satisfaction and recognition from the community. Our members are women at their best helping other women and girls achieve their best.

Friendship: Cultivating relationships with other women who have similar interests and values is a central aspect of Soroptimist membership.

Leadership: Developing skills at the club level results in enhanced professional capabilities as well as leadership opportunities at all levels of the organization.

Mentoring: Whether educating new members about our club, or reaching out to women at the beginning of their professional lives, Soroptimist provides an avenue for members to serve as mentors.

Networking: Associating with other women representing a variety of professions facilitates valuable business contacts.

Common cause: Meeting and learning about women from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and participating in projects that address the needs of women throughout the globe, contributes to a greater understanding and recognition of our similarities. You can learn about other women at the Live Your Dream Campaign website. It inspires women from all walks of life to live their dreams and encourages them to pass on their good fortune to others.

Support: Belonging to an association with organized programs and professionally developed resources frees members from administrative constraints, enabling them to concentrate on providing services. Members also receive a subscription to Soroptimist’s award-winning magazine, Best for Women.

If you’d like more information about Soroptimist, we’d be delighted to hear from you!