My Best Self: How to empower your life

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Are you feeling stuck? As if your life is going around in circles?

Maybe you’ve been working for years and yet your career hasn’t progressed the way you imagined. Or is a recent graduate in your life feeling frustrated that her new job isn’t quite what she had imagined?

In this self-paced eCourse, you will explore how to live more richly and meaningfully, and with real purpose and confidence.

What Others are Saying

"I was sitting with only a partially begun puzzle surrounded by hundreds of unattached pieces. 

The completed areas of my puzzle were my past work and accomplishments, but what about all those unassembled pieces? What if they actually didn’t belong to this puzzle? I especially couldn’t recognize or find the edge pieces. I certainly couldn’t make enough sense of the finished picture to know what to do next. I have always loved working on a good puzzle. Because of your help, direction, and insight, I am confidently tackling one of the most exciting puzzles I’ve ever set my mind and heart to assembling—my contribution to the world." - Carrie

"I felt stuck like I was going in circles and not taking advantage of the gift of each day. I was hoping to find the clarity I needed. I was hoping to become "unstuck". Through your questions I looked at barriers to my goals. This was significant in that it helped me break down into specifics why I felt I was unable to move forward. I can say that my self-awareness has been revitalized through this experience. I benefited from the self-reflection. I think I just needed a change. More adventure in my life. Meaningful days. Through your questions I was able to validate my priorities." - Donna

"These are the words that came to mind when I was reviewing the modules: inspirational, uplifting, soul searching, valuing oneself, finding self worth, finding passion and letting your spirit soar. I hope I have described the review, so far, as you have designed this course to be. I love the idea of journaling, as reading, writing, reflecting and reviewing the information is how I learn best." - Barb 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course just for women? This course is for everyone, regardless of gender. 

The text is written in the feminine to avoid confusion, however this is counter to our social norms so it may be more noticeable.

What am I actually getting when I make a purchase? This course is a digital download product. You will receive instructions to download a PDF file that is for your personal use.

Can I buy this course for a friend or family member? You can purchase a gift voucher of any denomination that can be used towards the purchase of all Soroptimist Canada self study courses and workshops.

How long does it take to finish the course? It's best to go at your own pace but it's designed to be completed in six (6) weeks. 

What if I need extra support? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to activate your support emails. These are filled with motivation and encouragement delivered right to your inbox over a period of six (6) weeks. You control when to begin your support emails - they will kick off the next day and you're able to restart these emails whenever you want!

What's covered? There are six (6) modules that make up the Self Study Course and Workbook. There are also bonus modules at the end of the document to provide additional support.

Welcome and Introduction

Getting to Know Yourself All Over Again 

Doing What Brings You Joy 

Recognizing Your Achievements

Reflecting on your Best Self

Writing Your Next Chapter

Bonus Modules

Can I get a refund? No. There are no refunds because our goal is to raise funds for the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award and Dream it Be it: Career Support for Girls programs. 

About the author

Based on her years of coaching and advising entrepreneurs, leaders, and new graduates, Health Coach and Career mentor, Brooke Gordon, created this self study course to motivate and encourage you to follow your dreams and live with real purpose and confidence.

Brooke has over 17 years of experience as a consultant and manager supporting organizations in strategic planning and effecting change. Brooke combines her problem solving background in engineering with years of professional development invested in organizational behaviour and human health to develop tailored solutions that focus on what matters most to her clients – developing a clear plan of action to meet their goals while sustaining a healthy work life integration.

Her full time work is at a national bank in Canada supporting women entrepreneurs, she teaches consulting at McMaster University, and is a certified Health Coach, working with women who lead or care for others but don't have the energy they used to. Her volunteer work with Soroptimist International is in a planning and mentoring capacity to support women and girls achieve their education and career goals. Brooke's coaching practice also serves to raise funds for the Soroptimist Dream programs through the sale of workshops and self study programs.

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