Brooke’s Bio

Brooke on her wedding day

Brooke on her wedding day

Brooke’s background is in engineering physics (BEng) and semiconductor fabrication (MASc), for which she holds a patent. Brooke chose to study engineering after her first job as a teenager assembling circuit boards by hand at her Uncle’s company. She worked there on/off for over 13 years!
The .com bubble burst just as she finished school so Brooke started a career in grant administration at McMaster University. She managed the budgets, reporting and submission of large scale grants that involved many researchers and/or other universities. After so many years of being immersed in technical details, this wasn’t just different but also a challenging learning curve in customer service – researcher’s really don’t like filling out paper work 😉

As well, Brooke holds a Master’s degree in business innovation (MEEi). Her thesis project was to develop a company in Hamilton that engaged researchers and clinicians in the field on Molecular Imaging and act as liaison with industry. The idea came to fruition thanks to the efforts of Brooke’s supervisor and a grant from the federal government for almost $15 million. Upon graduation, Brooke was co-owner of Liquidesign Inc., a web development and marketing firm in Hamilton (who generously donate hosting for this website).  She is was also a member of the Golden Horseshoe Venture Forum and Women in Nuclear, and has written for In Burlington magazine.

She currently works for the School of Graduate Studies at McMaster University as Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Administration. Prior to settling into her new career, she was on a contract with the CPDC in business development, where her role was to identify and capitalize on new markets and commercialization opportunities in the field of Molecular Imaging.
Brooke has travelled to many countries in Europe and lived in England, USA and Japan. She is married and now a resident of Waterdown.

Why Soroptimist?
Brooke attended the annual Christmas Auction in 2006 and had such a great time that when Kerry (the president that year and a good friend) asked her to join, she accepted with excited anticipation. Although Brooke truly enjoys the fun at meetings, what she loves the most is the ability to see the fruits of her labour in real, tangible ways.

Brooke has held positions on the SI-DAF Board of Directors as Secretary and President Elect. She is past Committee Chair for Public Relations and was part of the Programs of Service Committee.

Sandy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Wow!  What a day!  Steve & I were sleeping in a bit, we are still on holidays.  It was after 8 am we were still in bed; but awake & the driveway dinger went off, shortly followed by the door bell.  As Steve got up to answer the door the phone rang too which I answered.  (it was Frank, PS: Liz, the following is why I didnt’t stop by to see you in the morning as I had suggested to Frank that I would). 
Steve came back to the room to say that the REMAX hot air ballon team wanted to launch their balloon off of our front lawn; of course he said ‘sure, go ahead’.  I grabbed my camera and went outside to take some up close pictures of the set-up procedure.  I started chatting with the guys & told them they could use our lawn anytime they wanted & if they ever needed some ‘ballast’ I would be happy to go along too someday.  After a bit more chatting, the pilot Hal asked me if I could be ready in 15 minutes or so…..can you say ‘fastest shower ever’!  They were only planning on a short flight, about 1/2 hr or so.
So the rest is history,  I took a ton of pictures, Hal took the one of me with our home below, Steve took the ones from the ground perspective.  Stop by sometime & I will bore you with my pictures!  (we flew over towards south Cambridge, south of the 401 before touching down in a farmers field off of Gore Rd, nearly 1 hour later)
HOW COOL IS THAT! (& how lucky am I, a hot air balloon flight courtsey of the REMAX crew!  I have always dreamed of doing this but never acted upon it)

The touch down was interesting, on ‘paid for tourist’ flights there is always a ground crew there to make sure all goes smoothly. This was just the two of us with no crew to help control us; Hal know what he is doing but we are still somewhat at the mercy of the wind gusts. The basket had set down on its bottom but wanted to either tip or skip along as the winds had gotten gusty. It kept trying to pushing us over so Hal dumped the air out of the balloon rather quickly & the envelope laid down real nice. The basket was now on its side I was hanging on to two of the struts on the high side with my foot pressed into the opposite side of the basket between Hal’s legs otherwise I would have been on top of him. Just like Hal’s said ‘no elegant way to get in and no elegant way to get out!’

Suffice to say, I am ready for my next flight! Who else is game? Liz was looking into this recently, looks like it is about $500.00 each in a larger rig that takes up to 6! (I got my flight courtesy of Hal but trust me, it is worth it!) Can you say “ooohhh, look at those fall colours!”

Did you also know that I am now officially an aeronaut? Look it up in the dictionary; it is good to learn something new every day! 
Sandy  ~:)
PS: Turns out Hal has been chosen to represent Canada in next years ‘World’s Hot Air Balloon Competition” in Austria!  Appears I was in good hands!

Congratulations to our blushing brides

Congratulations to our two newly weds this year: Brooke and Nancy.

Welcome to our New Members

Nancy hosted a wonderful potluck dinner in her backyard for our end of year party. President Kerry welcomed our two new members!

Alma’s Garden

Alma’s Garden was dedicated on June 3rd, 2007. Please visit the garden at the Morgan Firestone Community Center, Ancaster (on Jerseyville Rd). Map >>

We’d like to thank SNAP of Hamilton Mountain for covering our event!