YWCA Encore Program

We were delighted to have program co-ordinator, Kim Thompson and Dianne Chesebrough, a graduate of the Encore program, as our guests. With careless abandon of our chairs, we were up and performing Zoomba dance moves, stretches and draining the lymph from our upper body.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and ducts that move fluid throughout the body and is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and carrying white blood cells to areas of the body under attack by viruses. Though fluid moves through the lymphatic system, it does not have its own pumping mechanism but instead uses the motion of your muscles. Lymphedema, also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system; it is a common source of discomfort for those who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

The free Encore program is designed specifically to help recover from post-surgery breast cancer treatments. It entails 2 hours per week over a 9-week period. It begins with an hour seminar and nutritious snack, followed by 30 minutes of exercises on land and then another half hour in the pool. Our commitment will help the YWCA to meet their goal of offering 4 to 6 sessions per year at the downtown Hamilton centre. For more information, visit their website »

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