Live Your Dream Award

Each year, we present remarkable women with the Live Your Dream Award. Hearing their stories of overcoming personal and financial barriers, the joy and satisfaction of studying their chosen profession so they can pursue the career of their dreams, and modeling the spirit of perseverance for their children is what motivates us to do more.

Over half of our Live Your Dream Awards recipients are survivors of domestic violence, trafficking or sexual assault. Nearly all of the women and families we serve have overcome enormous obstacles including poverty, teen pregnancy, and drug or alcohol addiction. Live Your Dream Awards recipients may use the cash award to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, such as books, childcare, tuition and transportation.

Live Your Dream Award Applications are open August 1 to November 15th annually. Apply now »

Watch Terriea’s Extraordinary Story

My prayers look a lot different today than when I was a little girl. There were many times being exploited on the streets or in my addiction I thought I was going to die and I didn’t care.

Now I have a purpose. I will continue to create a safe space for others to do their healing and transformational work. I will use my voice to share my story to inspire others to do the same. The Live Your Dream Awards will help me to further my growth, accountability and commitment to be a transformational agent and end this cycle for my family!

Terriea Wadud of Vancouver