Friends & Fun Night at Barb’s

Thank you all S.I. DAF members for the wonderful evening last night. Everyone contributed to make the evening quite enjoyable and memorable. A special thanks to Jane for ordering a most delicious (Indian) meal and to Pauline who helped with the delivery. Thanks to all who participated in searching our various S.I. websites for SOLT information to share with the club. A special thanks to all who brought guests to share our club meeting and a special thanks to Kerry and Brooke for fun ice breaker exercises. I am so proud to belong to such a fine organization with such wonderful women that I respect and admire and can truly call my friends. S.I. DAf rocks!
With much heartfelt affection;

p.s. Governer margaret joined us to talk about the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada and was kind enough to bring chocolate. Below are a copy of the games:

M&Ms game:

Red candy: favorite hobbies
Green candy: favorite foods
Yellow candy: favorite movies
Orange candy: favorite places to travel
Brown candy: most memorable or embarrassing moments
Blue: what interested you in Soroptimist

Sort & Mingle

cheesecake vs chocolate cake (dessert)
underwire vs no wire (underwear)
red vs white (wine)
kids vs no kids (family)
apples vs oranges (fruit)
Sears vs The Bay (shopping)
cruise vs all inclusive (holidays)
standard vs automatic (cars)
open toe vs closed toe (sandles)
thongs vs panties (underwear)
car vs suv (transportation)
vegetables vs meat (food)
purse vs totebag (accessories)
plastic vs reusable (grocery store)
spring vs fall (weather)
cone or cup (ice cream)
pierced vs clip on (earrings)
tea vs coffee (food)
hiking vs swimming (hobbies)
salty vs sweet (food)
Coke vs Pepsi (food)