Today is Earth Day – how are you contributing?

What are you doing to increase your “eco-awareness”? Earth Day Hamilton kicked off their events in Westdale on Saturday April 18 (full details in the Spec article from Apr 20 »):

More than 250 Hamiltonians attended the Tim Hortons Earth Day 5 km Walk and Fun Run, which started at Bayfront park and headed to Churchill Park, where they were joined by almost 550 more people for the Sunoco Earth Day Tree Planting. All 1,300 trees provided were planted by event participants. Earth Day Hamilton will also be planting trees at one or two Hamilton schools over the next 10-14 days, as part of the Go Green Challenge.

About $6,000 was raised at the walk and tree planting, with all funds going to support the Tim Hortons Earth Day Hamilton Eco-Festival – a free event offered to children grades 4-6 in the Hamilton/Halton region. About 5,000 kids will be attending this year’s event on April 20-24 at the RBG.

Here are some ideas that you can do with your fellow SI-members:

  • Plant a tree to commemorate your friendship — the ECR Fall conference ’08 in Burlington gave each SI attendee a reusable shopping bag and evergreen seedling to plant.
  • Make a coffee cup wrap together — Instead of always grabbing a cardboard wrap for your coffee, get together and make one for yourself. Use a cardboard wrap as a pattern and cut a couple out of felt fabric. Sew the layers together and decorate it to make a personalized coffee cup wrap.
  • Grow your own vegetables — Go buy the plants/seeds together then spend the morning at her house and the afternoon at yours. Share gardening tips and enjoy the “fruits and vegetables” of your labour! And, while you’re at it, start a compost pile. See who can create the most compost, remembering that you can include paper coffee cups!
  • Have a craft day and use all recycled materials — Collage a box with magazine cut outs for a gift box. Make greeting cards using junk mail. Decorate a can or bottle for an herb flowerpot. Create unique and fun home décor, wearables or gifts made from “vintage” items. Get crafty on your own or get the kids involved. (There are lots of websites featuring recycled crafts for inspiration.)
  • Recycle some clothes — Trade outfits, swap accessories or just share some scarves. Better yet, make a donation to the YWCA of Hamilton’s Friends for Success program!
  • Get ‘eco-educated’ together — It’s much more fun to learn together. Do some research together on global warming and carbon footprints. Explore which manufacturers/retailers are eco-friendly. Check out sites on reducing waste, research Hamilton’s recycling guidelines to make sure you’re both aware. And sign up for e-subscriptions of those catalogs, magazines and bills that come in the mail!
  • Go green grocery shopping together — Go to the local farmers market and get fresh, healthy food – from nearby! For other items, buy products from earth friendly manufacturers and retailers and don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!
  • Volunteer together — SI-DAF is making our city (and world!) better. Volunteer with your girlfriend on Earth Day and, if possible, on an on-going basis.
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