We’re giving away 7mm pearls with earrings!

SI DAF is stepping it up a notch for the ERC Conference. For those who attended the fall area meeting, you may remember the strand of Pearls we gave away. They were lovely 5 mm pearls won by MaryLynne of SI Peterborough…..but like I said, we want to do better that!

For ECR Conference in May we are offering a set of big 7mm Pearls that also come with a pair of earrings; a combined value of over $1,750.00!

So, why are we telling you now? Obviously this is a valuable prize & in order for us to actually raise funds with this fundraiser, we need to sell tickets! We understand that every Soroptimist of our area can not attend the conference but that does not mean that you can’t support our efforts and have a chance (or many chances) to WIN these pearls!

7mm Pearls - you could be the winner at Spring Conference! Click to view larger image »

7mm Pearls - you could be the winner at Spring Conference! Click to view larger image »

Yes, those who are attending can purchase tickets for those friends, family and SI sisters who are not at the event, but better yet: if you pre-purchase your tickets before conference you will double your chances of winning! Insead of 10 chances for $25 … you will get 20!

Even if you plan to attend, this is a great opportunity to double your chances now, but for those who are not going to be there you will be pleased to know that the winner need not be present!

To pre-order your tickets, please make cheque payable to: SI DAF and mail it to club President, Barbara McCoy (email for her address – we don’t want to publicize it online)

Please include your name, club name, your phone # and mailing address – your ticket stubs will be mailed to you. We will record your name, club & phone number on your tickets as the winner need not be present. (FYI we are NOT marketing these tickets anywhere except to Soroptimists and on our web site. If you have friends or family who love pearls, this draw is open to non-SI members as well.)

Thank you for your support,
Your friends at SI DAF

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