Recap of our January 9th Meeting

Thank you to our guest speaker, Leeanne Kilby, E.D. of Elizabeth Fry Society who came to talk about the Sex Trade Alternatives and Resource Services (STARS) Drop in Centre.

They have been providing services to criminalized women since 1971. Leeanne has been with them for 25 years and it is an all female agency. They provide support to women “where they are” via the STARS bus to provide sex health to both trafficked women and women of choice. The greatest issue in Canada will be during the 2010 Olympics: the known path is Vancouver to Montreal to Hamilton. Human rights groups estimate that anywhere between 12.3 million and 27 million people are enslaved in forced or bonded labor, child labor, sexual servitude, and involuntary servitude at any given time.

The Elizabeth Fry Society will submit a grant with SI-DAF for women awards application. Have advanced volunteer training available. Also has recommended the book Sold by Patricia McCormick.

Welcome our newest members!
Welcome our newest members!

This Christmas, two (2) Christmas hampers were put together for local families in our area. The first hamper was for a Mother and two daughters, age 15 and 7. We purchased pajamas for all three plus jean, jazzy t shirts and sweaters for the girls. We also got glamour makeup and perfume for the 15 year old, per her request. For the younger girl we bought Barbies, a Crayola and slider game, plus Scrabble for the family. For mom we also gave her a box of chocolates, a $50 gift certificate to Fortinos and perfume. We were able to buy everything they had put on the list.

The second family was a Mother and her 4 year old daughter. For the Mom we got pyjamas and slippers, 2 sweaters, a beauty package and $50 to Sobeys. For her little girl we also got 2 games, a Dora sleeping bag and Dora dress up chest full of costumes, as well as a Hanna Montana outfit. We were delighted to receive thank you letters from the Salvation Army and one of the mothers.

Baby showers let us know that they don’t need blankets so we will be donating cash for carseats, cribs and twin sheet sets. They would also like gently used items and will come pick them up.

We’d also like to welcome our 3 new members: Alice, Marilynn and Kathy. We are very excited to have you join us. Also, congratulations to our guest, Janet, who won the 50:50 draw!

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