Seminar Resources

A group of our Soroptimists held a resource-based seminar on May 26. Topics covered a wide breadth, based on our personal careers and experiences. We have assembled some tips & links that you may find helpful:

Preparing a Resume

The most important things about writing a resume  and cover letter are the small details (like spelling and grammar) and aligning the information you share with the job posting requirements. The Government of Canada has a great site to explain how you can tell about your experiences, skills and interest areas on your resume, even if you don’t have a lot of work experience.

Junior Legal Assistant

There are many other schools that have either a law clerk program or legal administration program, but these are some in the local area:

Fitness and Instruction: (How to get certified in fitness at home) (How to get certified by the largest fitness training company) (How to get fitness leadership training locally)

Nutrition & Recipes

Health Field (OTA/PTA course, Mohawk) (PSW Course, Mohawk) (PSW Course, St. Charles)

Early Childhood Education (Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Book keeping & Admin (Canadian Book keepers Association); (Certified Management Accountant); (Certified General Accountant) (budgeting) (various Microsoft office training)

General References (Swiss Chalet, Kelsey’s, Milestone’s, Montana’s, Harvey’s) (courses at Mohawk College or apply direct to insurance companies as they will ocassionally employ new staff and pay for their training) 1047 Main St E, Hamilton (train to become a chef or cook)

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