Flamboro Mix & Brew House has been collecting natural corks for recycling!  The money raised from this recycling effort is being matched by Flamboro Mix & Brew and graciously donated to our club Soroptimist Intl. of Dundas~Ancaster~Flamborough to help women and girls locally.  Everyone is welcome to collect their corks and bring them to Flamboro Mix & Brew House which is located just north of Waterdown at 1099 Highway #6 (at 5th Conc. W)  to aid in this recycling and fundraising effort.

picture: Owner Ted Dredge is shown delivering a cheque to Janet Barnard, treasurer of SI DAF with club present Shirley Eden and Tim Dredge watching on!

CORK FYI: Did you know that cork is a natural renewable resource that can easily be recycled? Did you know that synthetic corks put further demands on our oil resources but demand for natural cork maintains an environmentally friendly and renewable source of clean air, natural habitat for animals as well as supports family businesses spanning many generations.

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